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Masih inget sama princess yang namanya Belle..? seorang anak hartawan yang sangat cantik dan baik hati yang harus tinggal bersama "the beast" (seorang pangeran yang dikutuk menjadi buruk rupa karena kesombongannya) gara-gara ayah belle(beauty) yang mengambil mawar tanpa izin the beast. ini dia naskah drama dalam versi inggrisnya ^^

Beauty and The Beast

Once upon a time, in the village, there is a poor family which live with the shortage, because of unprofit bussiness one day, the father wants to go trade.

Father   : My daughters, I want to sell the goods by ship for long time. Take care of each other  and our house. Be nice.   
Maid    : Don’t  worry sir. Your daughter will be all right with me. Just take care of your self                                                                                                ...sir, because there are many pirates in the sea see you soon, sir.  
Beauty : Good bye father. We love you, dad. Be carefull, till we meet again
Peter     : Father, you must think us. We need you.
Father  : Okay! Don’t worry about me. I will come back safely.
Alice    : Dady, don’t forget to bring a lot of money, present and jewelry for me.
Peter     : Yeach, don’t forget for me also
Father  : All right. And you beauty, what do you want for you?
Beauty : I don’t want anything. Just be safe dady.
Father  : Okay honey!

Day, month and year passed them by. Their father nerer come yet. In other place, there is something happened with their father. His good was stolen by pirates, and he got injury. And he is unconcious

Father : Ough……… Help me! Some body help me ( With Creeping and try to wake up and walk in the stormy weather to find save place ) suddenly he see a castle.

He wakes up and walk stowly toward that castle it is beast castle. After he come to the castle he falls unconcious a day.The beast help and look after him. The next day he got up and see many food in the table. He eats and then walks to the garden. He Pick up the rose but suddenly beast comes ungryly.

Beast   : Why are you brave to steal my rose even I help you.
Father  : I don’t mean to do that. I just remember my daugther ( that ) love the rose very much
I Want to give this rose for my daughter as a give.
Beast   : You cannot do that . The thief is a thief. You have to get the punish man.
Father  : Please for give me. I think your rose will broom very much.
Beast   : Ok. We have a. deal. Give me one of your daughther.
Father : No better you kill my self, Don’t take my daughter to be your bride.
Beast   : Don’t bargain me. I just want your daughter.

( Beauty’s father comes home with sad face )

Maid    : Your Father is coming  2x
              How are you, sir ? Are you ok ?
Father  : Oh …… I am not ok. I am tired.
Beauty : Dady…Dady. Oh dady …… Why are you sad dady ? I miss you so much.

Father  : Beauty ……. I  am  bankrupt ,  We  don’t  have   money  anymore . We  have more to         . the small house.
Beauty : We are ok father , Everything we do to safe our life
Alice    : I don’t want to move any where . I love to stay herd .
Father  : But there is ther problem . I met a bad person who help me. I  must  bring you  to

 him because I have stolen his rose for you.
Beauty : Oh dady …….. how sweet you are . Thank you for your sacrify.
Peter    : Don’t be silly . Our father is ok. You make something hard. Take it easy.
Alice    : Only a rose …… father ? You got  a big problem.Beauty…….. You are   a   source  
              of  problem

Some days later, The fairy comes to meet the Beauty.

Fairy    : Don’t be afraid. I come here to give you  advice. Take this ring  to   meet   that   bad                                             ..people, Say to him that you want to be his bride.
Beauty : Oh Fairy it is hard for me. But I have to meet him to offer him, to for give my father.
Fairy    : Do something better for your family.
Beauty : Thank you.

The next day, Beauty wear the ring and come to beast castle.

Beauty : Hello ……… any body here !
Beast   : Oh  Hi ……..  Are  you  okay ?  I  am   waiting   for  you   soon !  You  are  very  kind 
              And beautiful girl. Do You marry me ? .
Beauty : No. I come here ask sorry a bout my father’s false.
Beast   : How dare you are ! Don’t come here if you don’t want to live with me ……..

Beauty comes home in a rush. But for several day, she cannot, sleep well. she always think about the beast. At Last, She decides to meet beast again

Beauty : Hello ……. Mr Beast. Where are you ?. ( She goes every place to find Mr Beast. But
              She cannot find him and then she can meet him. But he lays unconcious ……… )
Beauty : Mr Beast ……… oh Mr Beast
              I am sorry, I Want to marry with you. Please wake up
Beast   : Beauty……… Thank you . I am rarely death, if you are late. It is a bad luck.
              Do You really want to marry with me.
Beauty : Yes, Off course. I really love you ( With kissing )

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